Our company has specialized in the production of medium and high-quality men's socks.

The artisan production allows to manufacture highly refined products thanks to the use of top quality yarns, such as: pure silk, shrink resistant extra-fine pure merino wools, merino wool and silk or cashmere blends, as well as classic wool/polyamide blends.

Our suppliers include: Filatura di Tollegno for pure merino wools, Filatura Cariaggi for cashmere blends and Italfil for wool/polyamide and wool/silk blends.
Singed and mercerised cottons are twisted two-ply pure Egyptian cotton; counts go from 32/2 up to 100/2, passing through 38/2, 44/2 (vanisé, with an elastane thread), 60/2, 80/2 and 90/2.
These yarns are supplied exclusively by Cotonificio Olcese and Filmar spa, brand custodians.

The features of the real
It is the most valuable cotton yarn, it is made exclusively from long-fibre noble cottons, as those grown in Egypt.
It is hard-wearing. Filoscozia® is twisted and twisting provides it with more than twice the strength of the original yarn.
It is comfortable. Filoscozia® is mercerised, yarn skein mercerisation swells textile fibres making them fit to sweat out and get dry soon.
It is brilliant. Filoscozia® is singed and singeing enables to eliminate yarn hairiness, which makes colours opaque (mercerisation does the rest…).
It is unshrinkable. Filoscozia® moves with the body and follows its movements, adapts to it. Washed over and over, it stays the same, comfortable and elegant.

Soft cottons are treated with counts from 20/1 up to 30/3, passing through 30/1 and 30/2.

Our yarns are guaranteed by Oeko-Tex brand for the absence of toxic substances.
All yarns are worked with state-of-art different gauge double cylinder machines (to obtain the original derby rib): 10/120 needles, 14/176 needles, 18/200 needles and 22/240 needles; some of these are supplied with special "perfec toe" device.
Our finest items are strictly finished by hand.
Finishing by hand is the painstaking operation to manually insert, each and every stitch, both sides of the open sock inside a special machine, called exactly "linking machine". The machine pulls it all together by means of a totally "imperceptible" seam, not annoying at all when walking.
Socks are then ironed, controlled and paired strictly by hand, one by one, and then packed with state-of-art automatic machines, allowing in so doing to handle the product as little as possible, avoiding to crease it, and to deliver products that ensure the highest quality standards.
Colours are highly refined, you can choose among dark hues or pastel soft shades as well as seasonal fashion colours. As far as 80/2 count is concerned, we suggest 60 colour stock service.
Production trend confirms classic socks, from smart plain knitted to timeless different size vertical ribbed socks. The collection includes also the authentic Argayle, small fantasy and horizontal strip patterns.

Our products are distributed exclusively through qualified retailers.