The company was founded in 1974. In this year, Mario Queirolo's "QU-MA" stocking factory in Genoa shuts down the activity due to its age.
Salvatore Rossanigo, one of the employees, purchases some of the equipment and with the help of his wife, Ernestina, and availing himself of Queirolo's advices, decides to carry on the work, moving the company to Gavi, his hometown.

Still today, the company is carried on, under Salvatore's supervision, by his son, Giovanni, and his daughter-in-law, Giulietta, supported by three assistants.

The company focuses on the production of high quality men's socks, made with refined yarns and with the use of latest electronic equipment. It supplies customers with personalized services as well..

Nowadays, Calzificio Rossanigo Salvatore snc feels honoured to work with the most important stores.