Morasso, the factory of Gavi
The factory was founded in 1919 by Genoese businessman Giovanni Morasso and in a few years has had moments of great splendour, reaching up to one thousand workers, that is one fifth of the population.

This means that at least one member of all the families in town worked for Morasso.

Given that until then there was a farming-based economy, producing uncertain and not continuous sources of income, it was a relief to have members with a permanent income.

Furthermore, the acquired wealth increased the dealing, encouraging and promoting the development of commerce and handicraft sectors.

Besides, also social change was taking place. Factory personnel was almost completely represented by women, who now were no more only mothers with their place in the kitchen and very little satisfaction.

This adventure lasted about fifty years and when it seemed to be consolidated decline takes place.

When the owner dies, the image of the brand fades out just at a time when competition was growing. In the 70s, due to bad decisions, market peculiarities and workers' changing needs, the factory closed down.

Morasso's brothers, Carlo and Augusto, nevertheless continue the brand and socks are manufactured by town craftsmen.

In the 90s, Carlo is killed in a car accident and Augusto Morasso, a 70 year old man now, relies upon Calzificio Rossanigo Salvatore to supply his last customers. When he dies, in 2004, he allows Calzificio Rossanigo to use his brand.